In Vedic Light...
Reflections...abides by truths: "Not seeing yourself clearly is the ultimate injustice of all. Procuring sattva is and really the only remedy for sanctity in mind..." Love
Email me @ with any questions! Today's Reading ~ You are never alone, there is always an Angel guiding you and truly loving you. He/She is your dreamscape, your imagescape. There is a Spiritual Essence to your mind. See what beauty they may gift you here. Go inward and you can find true happiness and an abounding amount of knowledge. You are truly special. Your heart contains you. ~ Brahmin 2 Yesterday's Reading: It's about embracing other people, other people's views, ideas or interests. You can have a tendency today or you can discover that you can be the key to a group discussion or are simply the backbone to your peers. Your thought process can land you a key position in a company, like a CEO, etc. Slow processes are beneficial today. It is not a day to squabble. It's also a time for Internal Realization, more heavy topics would be great for today. See yourself on a deeper level. Shed things that are too restrictive; both on a physical and mental level. Find deeper value in things. This is a day for deeper thinking. It is also a good day for treaties or repairing bridges. Be aware of hidden obstacles that inhibit your flexibility. Stay objective. Coming up with a plan to build a solid foundation for yourself would be very beneficial. In Tarot The Star ~ It's about inner calm. Look for guidance from an inner source of wisdom. It is a time of reorientation. You can be or are an inspiring role model. Concentrated effort would be recognized here. It is a time for ideal love ~ a sister's love can be embraced today. It is about genuineness. There is beneficial energy in all situations. This is a deep feeling card. What would happen if you acted from your Higher Self? Surprise yourself. It can be a reminder of the higher goals of life. Don't forget to pay attention to the natural ebbs and flow of your body. Do things that are healing today for yourself. Keep your heart open and beware of closing yourself off emotionally. "God's chosen people can only be the entire human race" ~ author unknown Brahman 10
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