In Vedic Light...
Reflections...abides by truths: "Not seeing yourself clearly is the ultimate injustice of all. Procuring sattva is and really the only remedy for sanctity in mind..." Love
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 This is an ode to his long lost love...In Reflection Chit Chitsat He sings her pros for hours on end...his amrit is losing faith. This is the Vedas... He is unaware of his own mind... Chit Chitsat Dancing angels surround her. He is lost in the enertic waters of consciousness...Chit Chitsat... He remains perfectly still...her trying to hear him...Awaiting answers...he is in silence, his amrit is losing faith...sitting and waiting for Satabhisha and Enlightenment to be through... Chit Chitsat He is bound to her heart in pros...He is uplifted in Holy Spirit for a superior reflection. The Quarter horse is an amrit to her constellations. He shared his thoughts with a strangers mind appearing in rain right before his eyes to profess his love to her...he is rain...It is umbilical in the sorrow of her breath he walks on earth... This is Divine Consciousness... (Brahmin 8:2:3) ~ You are never alone, there is always an Angel guiding you and truly loving you. He/She is your dreamscape, your imagescape. There is a Spiritual Essence to your Mind. See what beauty they may gift you here. Go inward and you can find true happiness and an abounding amount of knowledge. You are truly special. Your heart contains you. ~