Cancer and Standard Healing Practices ~A "Gate" is something you go into like a home, in Biblical References it is your "Human Being". It is your stratosphere. Inertia is that special spiritual essence that we are all encapsulated within. I would first read under Writings & Scripture "Your Reflections & Disease". You have to establish a new Gate or idea to live within. You have to manifest your life differently. One that is more soothing, esp for your healing progress. And once that is established, which takes a lot of thought and spiritual work it will help your body heal. You have to bring your Gate down, in spiritual references your spirit; you are too heightened throughout. You need to heal, so when you are too elevated it compromises the healing process. Rest is really important and finding your Heart for your own mind. Your heart space is your threshold; you have to balance yourself there, it is sort of how a level works, to keep you stable. When you are sick or there is disease present you have light spots within your Gate, in your body. It is really important to keep everything well nourished, restful. The light spots are certain spots that are too elevated, there is too much build up. In Ayurveda we use Doshas, so you are out of alignment. There is always fire present when there is disease because it is the fire within that is elevating those tissues. You need to regain your structure within your tissues, which is the Kapha. For spots like these, the disease is too encapsulated for Western Medicine to take place. Herbs work best. It is a steady progress toward healing those spots and the elevation will then slowly come down. In Western Medicine there are always working toward new and improved medicines to heal...But within those medicines they all have properties that are cutting, so their qualities make it harder for the body to replenish. So, I would recommend using herbs to supplement the healing and a wash (aloe vera juice works well and it can be well absorbed). With aloe vera juice, it may give you a little cramping in your intestines because you might be too light there from the chemotherapy. Tumeric, maybe a little fennel...You can also help replenish your body using Food. Avocados are great...they can imbalance the Kapha present in your Gate/body. Even though you need to be watchful with your heart, they are replenishing to the rest of your body. So, just watch your oil intake. Its a balancing act, the importance is not to deplete your Gate/body. There are a lot of great books out there..."The Ayurveda Encyclopedia" has a list of foods and the healing properties of them. Everything that you put on your body and in your body should be healing, and your intake and your surroundings should be Reflection of you. An example of a wash without the use of chemotherapy would be strong bitter teas, aloe vera juice. The strength of echinecea alone in a strong tea would help clear out some of the debris (3 or 4 tea bags in a large mug) Another example of what a wash could consist of: 2 echinacea tea bags 2 hibiscus tea bags 1 hawthorn tea bag 3 or 4 dandelion (good for tumors ~ head) tea bags 2 marshmallow tea bags aloe juice *maybe in a a little over a pint glass ~There are all different ones. Also another thing to look at is...The elevation in your Being or in your tissues is quite extensive when you have Cancer. So, not elevating your body is really really important. We all heighten our Gate or our Being in our daily lives...getting up, brushing your teeth, etc. But when we heighten our Gates more than we should, it is creating an imbalance which will eventually deplete you. Looking deeper; within your tissues there is elevation. Trauma can also be a leading factor in creating a significant imbalance. Another suggestion would be to take everything off your Gate; not to use soaps, lotions, shampoos, etc. They are all clarifying...they heighten you; you want your tissues to come down everywhere. Same with shaving. After about 3 or 4 weeks of not putting anything on will be able to see the natural state of your Gate. So if your hair is oily, you have a Pitta imbalance...Hawthorne, Rose Spray, Aromatherapy ~ Rose. If you have dry skin, you have a Vata imbalance; but to have that elevation you have to look a little deeper. Fire has to be present. So, Hawthorne, Fennel (feet) and so forth. Food elevates you as well, so to bring the elevation down there, use whole foods; organic if you can. Sattvic foods are very nourishing and replenishing too, which are fruit juices, a little milk, amaranth, etc. If you just use Ayurveda to heal yourself of Cancer, you would fully need to embrace all its concepts. It is Discoverance, Bliss, Sanctity, Love... (Brahmin 8)
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