Dreams & The Ancient Rules of Tarot (At the Bottom) Dreams are your scape for your mind...it opens you up to many possibilities! Some believe in the Bible or more biblical references...they are Epiphanies to start and then they develop into a story for you to perceive your own mind. They also can be read to perceive the future or to delve deeper into a matter. (Brahmin 8) Sample Dream Reading ~ ~I was at my childhood school with a childhood boyfriend and one of his friends. We were walking home and he lived close by the school. I left because I got embarrassed and he was wondering where I went and he was trying to catch up to me.~ School - attitudes for learning or opportunities for knowledge, experience, growth, expansion of consciousness, mind improvement. You are learning all the different aspects of the Mind. Garden ~ place of peace, calm and beauty. A garden can be a symbol of your soul, your mind, your thoughts. Can be the Garden of Prayer where you plant your hopes, dreams, and prayers for yourself and others. It is your love for beauty. Overgrown Arbor ~ structure, form, outline, discipline, support, or framework for our ideas. You are hidden and you are Self-Realized. You are in abundance here. Flowers ~ they depict beautiful, loving thoughts, kindness, caring, joy, compassion, gentleness, grace, and abundance. They are an expression of healing, freedom; Aromatherapy; they depict you. Childhood Boyfriend ~ unnurtured love His Friend ~ struggles These are your struggles. You are under nurtured in love. You are a beautiful passive human being, you need to open up a little so others can enjoy you. The flowers and the garden depict you. *This dream can also depict Post Traumatic Stress. (Don't Be put off guard because of the simplicity of it.) Recommended Remedy for Healing ~ Garnet Ring, Turquoise (For Post Traumatic Stress, you would need something more heavier or more sturdy in mind for healing)
 **There are so many hidden gems in your dreams...take a minute to realize them, it may open up a door to something very special for you. You can always email me any questions, or if you need a few more symbols! Dream &Tarot Readings:
In Vedic Light...
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Ancient Rules of Tarot Tarot cards are bound with the inertia from the creator of them, that is their spiritual essence. They also hold special knowledge dating back many many centuries. I use The Sacred India Tarot deck and I have noticed with all the varying decks out there, they each read differently. In my deck for instance, the Magician is more occult, more sturdy than in the Rider Waite Tarot deck. The Magician in the Rider Waite Tarot deck is more sublime. You can see some old views surfacing in the Rider Waite Magician and you can also really see his religious mind. The Magician ~ (India Tarot) Number 1 because it is the first card: is a doer, a powerful force that produces results and does not allow anything or anyone to limit its potential. The No. 1 is aggressive, a necessary energy for creating and producing. This can cause a downturn result of the Magician. It has purpose, strong, attuned, disciplined. It has great fortitude here. It can transform and it can remove obstacles. It is a strong card... The Magician ~ (Rider Waite Tarot) N Number 1 because it is the first card: he is well suited, his destiny
 Transformation appears here, he is a master of all trades, he is concrete. There is dexterity to be had. He is earnest and he is deliverable in trade. He is sturdy in his emotional gate. Events transpire here, so there is a correlation to Mercury. You have grand fortitude in life. It may be asking, "What is your fortitude in life?" "What do you bring to the table?" You have the ability to transpire. You could be an expert tradesman, or an aspiring director. He is sort of canned and springing out; this can be his moments here too. So, acting in the spur of the moment could be you. You could be transpiring something great for yourself. He has his foot in the door; a shoe in in cause. He is reliant, but he has discourse. He can be possessive. There is a hidden clock within its temperament; he who pervades. This is the power that stabilizes and preserves the Universe. What are you preserving to show the world? In esoteric terms, he bridges heaven and earth; that's his structure here. This also depicts the underworld, hidden secrets.  Politician movement happens here. There are discussions of plenty. There are infinite possibilities. There are also internal marches. What you march to in your own mind. Sanctity in mind, you maybe self reliant. Your reign, it is sort of an apostle feel. Our "Heavenly Fathers", a mystical mind. The flowers represent the "Garden of Eden", old philosophies. You are in the process of restructuring your mind or your philosophies. He sees justice. There is contemplation here. There is a connection with Earth travels. Injuries, courage...The Yellow could represent strength in arms or battle. He is in the process of transpiring an idea here.