Yogic Astrological Readings I studied Mathematics, Astrology, and Ayurveda. I am a professional astrologer. I am certified in Vedic and Ayurvedic Astrology. I am also certified as an educator of herbs, elixirs, etc. I love reading astrological charts, and applying its fundamentals to Ayurveda. Herbs, Aromatherapy, Gems, "Elixirs for life!". I study Vedic, Chinese Astrology and Western!...If you have any questions, I would love to answer them!! Anything!!...


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* The readings are very comprehensive and enlightening. If you want your Rising Sign and Sun sign in Western Astrology, I can add that in...You can get a more simple reading for $15.00. A more comprehensive reading; I touch on your Nakshastras, your Rising Sign, Prasna, Vimshottari Points, your Moon Sign. This is quite extensive and this one is $50.00.
Testimonials - "Thank You!!! A very personal and insightful reading. If you're having a hard time finding a personal astrologer online order a reading from her." "Thank you so much! Wonderful reading! Thank you so much!"
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