Yogic Astrological Readings I studied Mathematics, Astrology, and Ayurveda. I am a professional astrologer. I am certified in Vedic and Ayurvedic Astrology. I am also certified as an educator of herbs, elixirs, etc. I love reading astrological charts, and applying its fundamentals to Ayurveda. I study Vedic, Chinese Astrology and Western...If you have any questions, I would love to answer them. Email me your questions @ ayurveda6789@yahoo.com.


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* The readings are very comprehensive and enlightening. If you want your Rising Sign and Sun sign in Western Astrology, I can add that in...You can get a more simple reading for $15.00. A more comprehensive reading; I touch on your Nakshastras, your Rising Sign, Prasna, Vimshottari Points, your Moon Sign. This is quite extensive and this one is $50.00.
Testimonials - "Thank You!!! A very personal and insightful reading. If you're having a hard time finding a personal astrologer online order a reading from her." "Thank you so much! Wonderful reading! Thank you so much!"
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Writings & Scripture An Ode To Aquarius An Ode In Shravana... Horoscopes/Prasna Email me @ ayurveda6789@yahoo.com with any questions. I am always available.. Today's Reading March 23, 2018 It's about caring for the suffering. Teaching about morality seems to fit here. So, spreading your higher knowledge to others is significant here. It's a good time to give your heart to someone. Parenting values are here, so maybe by taking another look at them they may prove to be useful. Support groups can be beneficial right now as well. ~ Brahmin 8 .